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Solutions for professional services firms

Get more control over your fee income pipeline, developing good clients for the areas of your business that need them.

We have solutions that help you attract the right new clients, maintain loyalty and widen your relationship with existing clients, and win back clients that stray.

Communications that address client needs are more effective

Many of your competitors adopt a "this is what we do, come and get it" approach to their communications. We can set you apart from that noise by adopting a different approach: by targeting individual target segments, reflecting their needs and showing solutions from your firm, backed where possible by examples with similar clients.

How do we do it?
We rapidly research your target audience, focusing on the client groups and service offerings that you wish to grow. For each target group, we uncover their potential, their needs, the benefits you bring them and the fears they might have when selecting a provider. We build this up into a profile of each client group, which instructs every piece of communication we do for them.


"I'm interested in your firm, but I don't need you right now."

How often do you hear this from interesting new prospects? Months later when they do need your services, chances are they have forgotten your name. We have solutions that keep your firm prominent in their mind, continue building their trust and help you pre-qualify them as the right prospective clients.

How do we do it?
We develop programmes to keep your company foremost in your prospects minds. These "long lead programmes" can include any of the following:

  • Regular or tactical email or printed newsletters
  • Special website content, offers and promotions
  • Polls and short surveys
  • Special events or presentations, both live and web-based.

All of this is backed up by powerful tracking and analysis that can help pre-qualify leads and spot buying signals.

Seeking out new clients

You need to find some wholly new clients. Perhaps it's to provide income for a new practice area or to make up for a lost client. Tell us the profile of new customers you need and we'll help you find them.

How do we do it?
We have access to quality mailing list providers that we use to select target contacts that match your profile. We develop and execute acquisition campaigns that capture and pre-qualify prospects for you. Prospects with an immediate need are channeled towards your sales function and those without an immediate need can be developed over time in our long-lead programmes.

Retaining and growing existing clients

"I only ever hear from them when they want something." So say many clients of their professional services advisors. We have solutions so that your clients hear from you more often - with news of opportunities and benefits for them. We can help your clients discover more about your full offering (rather than the small bit they use now) and widen to their relationship with you towards that of year-round trusted advisor.

How do we do it?
We develop and run client retention programmes that consist of many of the same tactics as our long lead programmes, but with content appropriate for current clients.

We also develop e-service solutions to give your clients access to special information, templates and guides plus appropriate services, at a much lower cost but without sacrificing your personal relationship with them.

Winning back lapsed customers

Why not try to win back some old customers that stopped buying from you in the recession? It's cheaper to win back an old customer than land a new one, and they're a much lower credit risk too. Give us a list of lapsed customers and we'll find out why they left and help you win them back.

How do we do it?
Our client win-back solutions start with a check that they are still trading and they've not moved. We contact them by post or by phone with a short questionnaire to find out why they left. We use the results to plan and implement strategies to win them back, from tactical targeted offers to ongoing campaigns.

Case study

Balance Partnership

Balance were a well-established business consultancy specialising in catering consultancy for Education and Industry clients. Having relocated in the Thames Valley, Balance wanted to introduce a new wider services offering to a new market.

Balance Partnership

unity*dc developed a new identity, website and promotional material that has taken them forward to success in new markets.

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What clients say about unity*dc

"Looking for a reliable web and design agency in today's market is no easy task for a company that wants to review its image and provide its prospective customer base with an informative and well balanced view of what it does. Before appointing unity*dc, we looked at several other agencies and found that unity*dc quickly and thoroughly understood our needs, and more importantly provided us with an effective and flexible solution to all our requirements within the agreed costs and timescales."

Tony Dilks,
Balance Partnership